Crystals have been used in healing human body since ancient times. The same crystals are now combined with modern, cutting edge technology to produce quicker and focussed effects on human body. Crystal light therapy is a unique therapeutic modality that acts on the human biological terrain on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level using naturally occurring wave frequency, colour, light and crystalline energy to bring homeostasis. Crystal light therapy aims to treat the root cause of imbalances in the mind, body and spirit, before moving onto the symptoms. The technique may be used alone or in conjunction with other therapies like acupuncture to increase the speed of recovery and improve the end result.

At Mrityunjaya clinic we use Theragem™ products for crystal light therapy. The technology is a low powered non-coherent polychromatic assemblage combined with specific pulsed EMF (Electromagnetic fields) beamed over precious and semi-precious gemstones and crystals amplifying and carrying crystalline energy into the body. By focusing the wavelengths we are able to create photo stimulation, whereby a chain of chemical responses are triggered by targeted exposure.

After therapy sessions most people feel more balanced, energised and gaining a sense of confidence that they are on the road to renewed wellness. Needless to say that crystal light therapy is a painless approach with no known adverse effects.